Report World Health Organization according to China Daily (WHO) released research report to say recently, besides processing fles

hy products and red meat, other 115 kinds of material also can cause cancer.

Include to machine fleshy products inside, the carcinogenic substance that World Health Organization releases this contains 116 kinds in all among list, provide reference to the outside. These carcinogenic substance include: Suck tobacco, drink, the indoor and gas, drinking water that cont装配式建筑设备模具ains arsenic, shoemaking mends shoes, clean iron a建筑木方生产厂家BFnd steel of the chimney, furniture that make, exploration to wait a moment. Besides, amine of manufacturing aluminium, gold and balata also can cause cancer. Chinese style salty fish 宜森木业有限公司also is among carcinogenic substance list.


Banger, earth up the treatment meat products such as root, bacon, hamburger to may m江西建筑模板公司ake the person contracts cancer. Everyday 50 grams still are less than edible the risk that the quantity of half banger can make person meet with contracts alvine cancer is added suddenly 18% . The world defends an organization to maintain, red meat

causes cancer probably, its risk grade is lower than machining fleshy products one class.

The scho

lar appeals the public avoids edible to machine fl南宁建筑模板公司e建筑模板JGshy products as far as possibl广东建筑模板公司e, turn and what complement of edible bean salad needs nutrition.

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