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t will occupy new network on October 30 day intermediary report, talk around the day Han head that is about to hold, this crocodile accepted Korea president Piao Jinhui 29 days Japan ” morning sun news ” and ” daily news ” written special report. She points out, the保定建筑模板公司 hope is in what day of Han Jian solves inside this year to comfort the problem that install Fu, hope day just can be in specific so东莞建筑模板公司lution offers this on head talk.

Data chart: Piao Jinhui.

Day intermediary says, this is since taking office as Korea president in Feburary 2013 oneself, piao Jinhui a找建筑织木模板ccepts Japanese media first written interview. In the interview, piao Jinhui installs the backwater condition of Fu problem to express dissatisfaction to comforting currently. But it is in the meantime, han Fang also was not carried issue body to promote a solution or ask, urge day to just put forward to settle strategy however.

Piao Jinhui still points out, wrong historical understanding is the main factor that concern of Han of block up day grows. On this head talk, two countries should be on the foundation that knows the history correctly, the obstacle that overcomes the past, face brand-new future.

Be aimed at what two countries puts in controversy all the清水模板 time to comfort the problem that install Fu, piao Jinhui points out, the hope so建筑模板模板价格BTlves this problem inside this year. She expresses, japanese government should put forward to allow the solution that the Korea people that includes a victim inside can accept as early as possible, expect Japanese government can borrow the machine that talks this to o

ffer appropriate solution.

In addition, be aimed at Japanese security relevant proposed law, piao Jinhui thinks, japan should be a foundation with the spirit of peaceful constitution, in day intermediary inside affined frame, how be direction in order to promote the affiliation with the neighbour inside area and peace surely, fulfill relevant law transparently.

Cross agreement of concern of associate of economy of Pacifi建筑模板价格表BDc Ocean strategy about whether attending (TPP) , final judgement is made after Piao Jinhui expresses to be able to think in d建筑模板规格及尺寸iscretion.

(Original title: Piao Jinhui drafts solve inside year comfort the problem that install Fu urges Japan to face up to the history)

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