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In report will occupy new network on October 30 the intermediary outside 29 days of cite reports central company, how is luck obtained elect American Boule president, from originally the calf of republic Dang Chusheng jumps house numerous courtyard the first an ancient folding chair. With bookish figure celebrated standpatter force initiate is decreased this, and urge he is ceaseless and forward is its ambitious politics aspi潍坊鑫源板业ration.

How is luck obtained elect American Boule president, from originally the calf of republic Dang Chusheng jumps house numerous courtyard the first an ancient folding chair. How is the luck in the graph waving to assemblyman people present one’s compliment. Zhang Wei of 建筑模板生产基地BIreporter of China News Service is photographed like that

Numerous courtyard prolocutor is the position with the most significant congress, be like a president to suffer impeach or cannot continue because of other reason v/arc be on the throne, numerous courtyard prolocutor is a successor of the 2nd ordinal president after vice president.

Afp says, how is luck 45 years old, yo has 3 children, he facial features is impressive looks follow bookish without different, no建筑欧板的规格标准是多少BQw and then still give a person madcap sense, but the believer that actually he is neoclassicism thought, right contemporary federally unusual behavior feels detest.

He is worn in congress one of jobs with most Chinese ink are driven namely decrease raise and eliminate deficit.

According to American media coverage, how did luck ever send capitalist philosopher Lan De to allowing unrestrained f常规建筑木模板尺寸BUreedom 2005 (the believer of Ayn Rand) people say, did not misunderstand, we are here fighting bravely is individualistic with collectivistic battle.

Luck installs the extreme of draft resolution, feel afraid within the party repeatedly even sometimes, especially he advocates social welfare medium pension system and confederative medical treatment are sure (Medicare) civilian battalion is changed; An新松木业有限公司d tens of year come, this is the active system that the United States nots allow to criticize.

Personage of American the Democratic Party says, how is luck felt in congress climb boil dozen 10 old later, the assemblyman that be the same as a party gave him the nickname of budgetary gentleman, economize gentleman.

When Luomuni elected a president 2012, a mind which perceives both past and future knowledge gives the potential that luck brings, ask him to hold the position of assistant partner. Luomuni emphasizes at that time, how does luck have energy, have vision, had become the ideology chief of republic party.

On January 29, 1970, how is luck born in Wisconsin small town Yi Tian of an Ireland of Jenkin city’s bishop is familial. He still lives around native place now, weekly end returns the home from Washington, reunite with madam and 3 children.

Luck installs life first time to win an election is high school period be elected as a monitor. 1988, miami university is read toward Ohio before him (Miami University) , generate huge interest to economic theory and politics. How should the luck of stu

dent times cross congress to choose battle justice work, and acid is, he helps chosen boy or girl friend at that time is now the accept of rich of prolocutor of leave one’s post that he is about to replace.

1992 to 1997, how i建筑模板尺寸规格有几种s luck republic dangshen assemblyman to work in Washington, ever also held a post at accredit United States (Empower America) , become this to organize patriarch, decisive standpatter politician Camp’s forces.

1998, how does luck of 28 years old win numerous courtyard election easily, stride the 9th now, already built a reputation in standpatter interior.

Besides politics, how is luck also fond of fitness, strong and handsome figure often is media focus, still hav潍坊盛泰木业e the good name of muscle gentleman.

How had luck once said, his interest is simple, family is discharged the first, but junior when of education hunt hobby up to now also still very have deep love for.

Should lead the republic partisan

s with bristly hilltop to march toward优质建筑模板价格 2016 general election, receive the political situation after choosing then, the biggest challenge that luck brings will be from sit and character turns to go to rise, in the moderates that is in power within the party and hawkish between make harmonic.

(Original title: Because force initiate decreases a gentleman of the budget that be called,the United States assumes numerous president newl


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