Report will occupy Moscow of China News Service on November 30 report of Russian new company, russia (Russia) celebrated director Ailidaer Liang Zannuo’s husband local time before dawn will be in on November 30 Muscovite a hospital dies, die 临沂市兰山区名利建筑模板经营部at the age of is 88 years old.

Pass telecommunications company quote according to international article the message of a good friend of family of husband of bridge assist Nuo says, reason of death of husband of bridge assist Nuo or for heart failure.

According to Liang Zannuo husband family discloses, healthy situation of husband of Nuo of assist of the bridge before this is bad, the hospital ever was headed for to acc建筑模板厂家FFRept treatm高唐金梁木业有限公司ent for many times since this year.

Dust benefit amounts

to husband of Nuo of Er bridge assist to was born on November 18, 1927, was graduated from complete Russia to establish film institute 1950. Husband of bridge assist Nuo created comedy of first music satirize 1956 ” orgiastic night ” , he directed after this in succession a series o建筑模板配方AUf comedy piece, established its comedic and patristic position.

Go up century after 60 time metaphase, the comedic film of husband of bridge assist Nuo gets of bound of international film review take seriously. The clue change that he is good at carrying humourous setting and deliberately co龙鼎木业有限公司mplicate an issue lets people see the life of comedic backside is substa

intial. Its have on behalf of work ” the embarrass of t工程建筑模板he destiny ” , ” the story of the office ” , ” garage ” , 工地常用的模板叫什么” the adventure that the Italian is in Russia ” and ” two the individual’s stations

” etc.

Lifetime of husband of bridge assist Nuo filmed in all about 30 films. Be in Russia (Russia) , he is made fun o清水模板REf to 广西建筑模板批发厂家价格call the person that each dog knows. (Be over)

(original 广西建筑模板厂AOtitle: Russia is famous husband of Nuo of director bridge assist dies die at the age of 88 years old or because of heart failure)