According to ” Japanese economy news ” will report on December 4, turkey government arrested two 3 days to be suspected of participating in suspect of case of Thailand Bangkok explosion.

The news that reports cite Thailand police says, thai

land police has given out extradite horror to assault the request of case suspect to Turkey government authorities. Up to now,

peaceful just has given out 17 to arrest your, arrest with this explosion case related suspect. Thailand police says, among them some of person has escaped according to the letter abroad.

Senior official shows Thailand police, the suspect of case of two Bangkok explosion that is arrested by Turkey government fastens a pair of couples, the male is Turkish, the female is Thai.

Siliwala expresse青盛木业有限公司s deputy director general of Thailand nation police station, peaceful alread建筑模板参数AEy衡水建筑模板公司 just was opposite a lot of with this case related suspect is given out arrest your, arrested a lot of suspects, have Thai already among them, also have a foreigner, but office of their eye 建筑模板一般多少钱predecessor is overseas. Peaceful police is the same as judici生产建筑模板厂家ary and joint efforts of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, bring back them Thailand. Siliwala says: I cannot disclose more detail, because this is very sensitive, may affect foreign relations.

The month on 2 suspect盛大华宇木业有限公司建筑木方EGs that 云南建筑模板公司are arrested in Thailand is sued by court-martial, locking up at present in Bangkok inside jail of a military affairs. They are accused decathlon accusation, include illegal hold weapon, in cold blood kill建筑木模板厂家APing

, killing. They will appear in court formally in Feburary at next year be on trial be on trial. Thailand police says, bangkok explosion is to retaliate the blow that the beginning of the year contrabands factio专业建筑模板厂家KPn to population this year to act. [Yu Peng of reporter of round-the-world network coverage flies]